About Us



Hi! I'm Mandy, founder + head designer of Bud Kitten. We are so happy to have you here babe!

Want to know more about us? Pull up a seat + light 'em up if ya got 'em!


A Seed is Planted

In 2016, I was really craving something unique when it came to cannabis jewelry. I wanted to make a statement + show my love of weed, without looking cheesy. Bored with the usual stoner fashion of rasta everything and hemp necklaces, my husband and I started experimenting with infusing resin jewelry with beautiful homegrown buds.
Bud Kitten Jewelry was born.
As a creative + weird kid, I was always making things I wanted but could never find - band tee corsets, patch skirts, bondage pants,safety pin + glitter jewelry...you get the idea. I was constantly playing around with my look, expressing the way I felt that day - goth, punk, hippie, raver, etc.

Self-expression is EVERYTHING to me, and it starts with how you present yourself to the world. To me, jewelry is a big part of that - wearing something on the outside that reveals who you really are on the inside. Being able to look the way you feel is MAGIC, and who wouldn't want to feel magical?

Why Cannabis?

Raised by growers in Northern BC, cannabis has been a large part of my existence - especially after it saved my life + helped me heal. I love everything about cannabis - the way it smells, the way it looks, the way it makes me feel + the things I can accomplish because of it. 


Express Yourself

Bud Kitten Jewelry is the culmination of 25+ years of creative experimentation with self-expression, self-empowerment and freedom from giving a shit about what other people think.

Bud Kittens are not afraid to stand out, to make noise, to shake things up. Bud Kittens are change-makers, ganja goddesses and disruptors of the status quo. Bud Kittens want to help smash the stigma around cannabis. Bud Kittens are confident, compassionate and real AF.

Our mission is to help empower women to be 100% themselves and own it, to look as badass as they feel + start a conversation around cannabis.